Courageously Connected In Heart
Courageously Connected In Heart
Kristin Larsen

Welcome to Courageously Connected In Heart

Learning how to live connected in the heart with courage, authenticity and trust.

About Us

This community is inspired by the book, Joy Of Being: Daily Moments of Becoming Present

The pillars and concepts from the book that support this community are presence, gratitude, self compassion, inner leadership, self love, self care, mindset, mindfulness, and habit change.

It is a place to be in connection, learning, growth, healing, empowerment, creation, discovery, awakening, transformation.

You get to acknowledge your capabilities while gaining awareness for your higher self in a non-judging, encouraging and supportive space.

Why You Should Join

My name is Kristin Larsen, author and transformational health coach. As your host and community facilitator, my vision is to create a community that provides a safe place for people around the world to connect, support, encourage, inspire each other to grow, heal and awaken in their lives.

Being surrounded by like minded people that support each other in their life journey to show up with courage, commitment and intention everyday.

Opening up the doorway to possibility. Taking action for necessary changes, to make confident life choices in the midst of fear, setbacks, failure.

Shifting your way of being so you can appreciate who you are and who you become in the process.

When you join this community you have the opportunity to connect with people who honor and appreciate where you are at in your journey.

You get to learn about how to live authentically connected in the heart and how to practice doing it in your life.

With access to valuable content, connection, zoom power discussions, online courses and mastermind groups.

You get to:

  • Be empowered to OVERCOME your obstacles
  • Turn challenges into OPPORTUNITIES
  • Walk along the path to ENLIGHTENMENT and WHOLENESS with others
  • Turn disconnection into CONNECTION
  • Create an inner world filled with LOVE and PEACE
  • Cultivate deep FRIENDSHIPS
  • TRUST your inner knowing
  • Step into an AUTHENTIC way of being

Transition from the daily survival way of living into a fulfilled way of thriving because of who you choose to be in the process.

You are not alone on this journey and this community of people that are choosing to be Courageously Connected In Heart are here to support you each step of the way.


Private, safe, encouraging space to connect, learn, grow, transform
  • Support with setting and achieving your goals in all areas of life
  • Connection with like-minded people around the world
  • Guidance along the journey of growth and life transformation
  • Accountability to take dedicated action for what you want
  • Practical steps for mindfulness, authenticity, love, leadership, purpose in life
  • Resources that support you to be your best
  • Private, safe, encouraging space to connect, learn, grow, transform

A Big Thanks

This community gives the opportunity to support you in your life which also supports others in their lives.

Be part of a movement with other people that want to see a world full of kindness, giving, compassion, love, trust, faith, possibility, unity, peace, hope, forgiveness, abundance, connection, presence and the important visions of a world you wish to create.

What is the gift you want from this community?

What would you like to RECEIVE by being part of this community?

What would you like to GIVE by being part of this community?